Pillar After Pillar for a Pan-European Wealth Management

In the quest to rapidly generate revenue Wealth Management firms require three “magical” pillars that, together, simplify and accelerate operations for both firms and customers: Digital Contract Management (DCM), electronic IDentification Authentication and Signature (eIDAS) with qualified eSignature, and eIDAS with Public Digital Identity System (SPID). Continue reading “Pillar After Pillar for a Pan-European Wealth Management”

IDD Compliant: To Protect and Serve

What-If Analysis, computer, investments

The IDD directive regulates the distribution of both life and damage insurance products, for which the regulation indicates a set of ad hoc rules, in line with MiFID II. We are glad to say that we made an effort to get our relevant products, for instance Sure and Advice, to be fully IDD compliant. Continue reading “IDD Compliant: To Protect and Serve”

Focusing On The Onboarding Process When Going Digital

Onboarding… on a plane

There’s a process in wealth management that strongly depends on appealing user experience and solid legal basis: the onboarding process. A process also exists that is an ideal candidate for rationalization and digitalization, in order to get streamlined, gain effectiveness and retain the client. Continue reading “Focusing On The Onboarding Process When Going Digital”

A Challenging 2018 Awaits. But, We’ve Got a Platform

Challenging Moments

Last November’s IT Forum in Milan was an event relevant essentially for Italy; nonetheless, our Client Solution Director Michele Tanzi took the stage and give directions that are relevant for the whole company in 2018. Continue reading “A Challenging 2018 Awaits. But, We’ve Got a Platform”

About Trading With eXimius, When Using Derivatives

Stock Indexes

Happy 2018 to everyone! And welcome in a world where trading online is the talk of the day, thanks to the rollercoaster-like trends of Bitcoin and the like; at a time when, thanks to MiFID II age beginning just now, the need to strictly follow regulations is stronger than ever in wealth management. Continue reading “About Trading With eXimius, When Using Derivatives”