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Objectway Wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy Shining 2016!

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone,

I’m Luigi Marciano, Founder and CEO.

In Objectway, we went through a 2015 as exciting as full of achievements and satisfaction. It’s just appropriate to allow ourselves a little break, and to spend some deserved and precious time together with whoever we love and care about.

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Objectway – In My Life

In my life, I realized that to be inventive, you have to be inspired.
Each new day is like an adventure, and inspiration comes from sharing experiences with passionate people.

We are part of the same story. We share the same goals.


Good morning, I’m Luigi Marciano, Objectway founder and CEO.
I would like to welcome you aboard our new communication platform, the blog Talk [IN].
We conceived and developed Talk [IN] as a contact point for our customers, but also for all operators and influencers moving in the FinTech sector. Talk [IN] is a place to share and stay informed about market challenges, business regulatory and technology trends.

In Business, Sharing Is Called Collaboration

Writing means sharing. It’s part of the human condition to want to share things — thoughts, ideas, opinions. (Paulo Coelho)

Alberto CuccuThe old Japanese proverb none of us is as smart as all of us suggests that teamwork and collaboration yield better results than the solo contribution of even the most brilliant individual. That’s why I am excited about our new Talk In blog. I’m looking forward to hearing the insights of the collective Objectway community.

Alberto Cuccu
Chief Product Officer Objectway