Banks, Trust, and the Fintech Factor: the Voice of Spiros

Trust, banks, Fintech: Spiros Margaris Answers Our Questions

Trust is essential for banks and advisors. So, what happens when digital technology brings remote connections, electronic signatures, algorithms, hybrid forms of advice in which there’s less direct contact between customer and the organization? Continue reading “Banks, Trust, and the Fintech Factor: the Voice of Spiros”

Banks and the (Digital) Future: Spiros Weighs In

Spiros Margaris @OWIN18: Banks and Nightmares

Spiros Margaris was one of the protagonists during the recent Objectway Customer Conference (OWIN18) in Rome. (You can read about how it was in our coverage post).

He behaved like a top Fintech influencer does, delivering a suggestive and intriguing speech on the disruptions we can see coming.

So we asked him something about banks, and the future. Because it’s less certain than time ago, that they’ll have one…

Listen and watch Spiros’ answer, here below!

OWIN18: Taking Digital Humanism To The Core

OWIN18 - the Portal

London late 2015, “bravery”; Amsterdam late 2016, “confirmation”; and now Rome in early 2018, “awareness”. Our third Customer Conference showed that Objectway is aware of its potential and of the challenges along the path to success. Continue reading “OWIN18: Taking Digital Humanism To The Core”