We Like To Show How Wealth Management Becomes Digital

Digital Transformation at D-A-CH Congress in Munich

Our Business Development Director, Jos Martens, flew to Munich and made it to the beautiful Sofitel Bayerpost to deliver his presentation, Digitalisation in Wealth Management: From Client Onboarding to Digitally Enabled Advisory. Continue reading “We Like To Show How Wealth Management Becomes Digital”

New generations of wealth management through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and Wealth Management

Objectway Ltd CEO Alberto Cuccu spoke at lenght about Wealth Management and artificial intelligence during the Digital Integration in Wealth Management 2019 conference in London, last February.

Indeed, he had even more to say and shared it after the event, in front of our camera, facing a simple yet tricky question:

Digital collaboration tools and augmented intelligence: is it your secret ingredient to lead wealth management to a new era?

Younger Demographic to Be Served by Artificial Intelligence

It was a great chance to clarify many details of what intelligent software means in the Wealth Management arena and how the sector is going to serve millions of younger people in a significant generational shift never seen impacting so widely with respect to digital technologies. And Alberto delivered: follow him here below.

Per l’azienda è sempre intelligenza, sia trasformativa o strumentale

Una riflessione dopo aver partecipato al primo convegno nazionale Ital-IA organizzato a Roma del Laboratorio Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems del Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per l’Informatica, in collaborazione con Confindustria, presso il Centro Congressi Auditorium della Tecnica. Continue reading “Per l’azienda è sempre intelligenza, sia trasformativa o strumentale”

Conectus: la via alla trasformazione digitale del Wealth Management

È venuto anche il giorno di Conectus, la piattaforma omnicanale e multidevice che migliora la produttività dell’advisor e crea un’esperienza di investimento digitale per il cliente. Continue reading “Conectus: la via alla trasformazione digitale del Wealth Management”

Stay Ahead of the Game when Doing Digital in Wealth Management

Stay Ahead of the Game at Fishmonger's Hall in London for Wealthtech 2019 by ComPeer Uk with Alberto Cuccu as Master of Ceremonies

There isn’t a week that goes by without a conference organised somewhere. Still, there’s something special about ComPeer WealthTech. The people, the networking, the atmosphere, everything brought together to make up a great chance to meet and learn from the major exponents of the wealth management industry.

Continue reading “Stay Ahead of the Game when Doing Digital in Wealth Management”

Portafoglio ottimizzato, business amplificato

Ottimizzazione del portafoglio

Riteniamo che l’innovazione digitale armonizzata con le esigenze di aziende, advisor e clienti abbia un enorme potenziale nell’ambito del Wealth Management, a patto di lavorare con la giusta competenza e padronanza tanto dell’ambito finanziario quanto di quello tecnologico.

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