If You Don’t Have a Digital Strategy, You Should Have

Following the private ComPeer seminar about digital engagement and strategies we wrote about recently, we had a chance to approach our Chief Business Development Officer, Peter Schramme, and ask him a few questions about the event and his take on digital engagement and strategies in the Wealth Management industry. Continue reading “If You Don’t Have a Digital Strategy, You Should Have”

The Digital Disruption of the Advisors based Model

Table with computer, advisor's hands, customers' hands

Everyone knows that the digital revolution is bringing a great deal of disruption to nearly every market. Both hardware and software have been extremely commoditized. So now we carry in our pockets and purses computers with considerable processing capabilities that also enable us to access cloud resources from anywhere. What’s more, demographics are following the natural course of time, and millennials are becoming more and more fluent in market choices and directions.

We saw a good description of the digital disruption impacting the advisor-based model in wealth management in a report from Celent Research entitled  Wealth Management Trends 2015 (take a look at the complete report, which contains much more analysis than we can provide here).

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