Pronti al Salone del Risparmio 2017: intervista a Jean-Luc Gatti

Objectway conferma per il quinto anno di seguito la propria partecipazione attiva al Salone del Risparmio: la manifestazione in assoluto più importante nell’ambito del risparmio gestito. Come l’anno scorso abbiamo avuto il piacere di ascoltare Jean-Luc Gatti, direttore della comunicazione di Assogestioni e responsabile del Salone del Risparmio, in preparazione alla tre giorni dell’11-13 aprile presso il MiCo di Milano. Lo condividiamo volentieri. Continue reading “Pronti al Salone del Risparmio 2017: intervista a Jean-Luc Gatti”

Loving Acceleration, Living Transition, Lavishing Excellence

As a company that strives for excellence in a time of digital transformation, we sensed that participating to the latest Synpulse Forum in London was a good idea. And we did it: our Chief Client Solution Officer, Alberto Cuccu, was among the forum panelists. Continue reading “Loving Acceleration, Living Transition, Lavishing Excellence”

The Race to Roboadvisory 2.0 Will Be Won by Means of Hybrid Advisory

Just a year ago, our Alberto Cuccu wrote a post here, Robo-advisors Are Disruptive, but Hybrid Is Much More: It’s Transformational, citing research by Gartner. Our vision on the topic was (and still is) that roboadvisory has a role, but not as relevant as hybrid advisory.

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The integrated front-to-back digital investment solution

ILLUMAS 1.1 is the best in class solution designed to answer to the new challenges and increasing complexity currently facing the Private Wealth Management Industry. With the new version of Illumas we allow our customers to make substantial improvements in operation processes and efficiencies, while providing a certified and fast information flow throughout the key front, middle and back office functions enabling their Digital Transformation.

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