Conectus vs. Demographics: Future Is Hybrid

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Digital is bringing a notable change in wealth management dynamics: cost reductions, popularization of mobile access, and disruption of old relationship models influence behavior of all demographic segments, not only millennials as we too easily read on every newspaper. Continue reading “Conectus vs. Demographics: Future Is Hybrid”

Re-engineer your business model around the connected customer and unlock your growth

Wealth and investment management is all about relationships and service.

This means being able to collaborate and share information anytime, anywhere, overcoming the traditional limits of physical encounters.

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Omnichannel, aka The Digital Engagement and Collaboration Challenge

To debate the shadow IT trend is pretty common these days in the IT world: employees adopt digital tools outside the perimeter of allowed of recommended apps. Like, Dropbox instead of the company cloud, Whatsapp in place of the official messaging system and so on.

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Preparatevi al cliente digital

Nel panorama dei servizi di investimento, il segmento Private viene generalmente identificato tra i più tradizionali in termini di modello di servizio. La sua forza, infatti, risiede nel valore della relazione umana, della competenza professionale e della conoscenza del cliente che il Banker accompagna nelle decisioni di investimento.

Ma con la diffusione delle tecnologie digitali anche i clienti Private, come tutti gli investitori, stanno modificando le proprie aspettative nei confronti dei servizi di investimento.

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Optimizing the Front Office: the Aftermath

Our David Wilson was in London to present the new Objectway solution Digital Wealth Management during the ComPeer event Optimizing the Front Office and we didn’t miss the chance to ask him a couple of questions after the show (he had written something worth a read before all of this, also). See and read his answers!

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