Top 2021 Wealth Management Trends. What’s actually changing?

The pandemic is putting financial sector’s resilience to the test, throwing us and our customers into a complex scenario ruled by uncertainty. The first half of 2021 is expected to continue much like 2020 ended, with client interactions conducted almost exclusively on a virtual basis, but challenges continue in 2021.

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Risk and ESG-aligned portfolios

This short paper focuses on how asset and wealth managers can deliver risk and ESG-aligned portfolios to their clients and on how an end-to-end risk portfolio management service, can deliver additional value in terms of stronger returns, higher quality of investments and above all, more client engagement.

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Everything you always wanted to know about risk (But were afraid to ask)

A risk aware investment process needs to be supported by a solid approach and integrated with risk data feed that are correctly imported, validated and armonised to support the entire investment process.

But what does it really mean?
Let’s talk it over with Elena Giancaspro from Confluence, a global leader in data-driven investment management solutions.

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ESG: alla ricerca della sostenibilità

Il termine ESG di cui sentiamo sempre più parlare, identifica tutte quelle attività legate all’investimento sostenibile, che perseguono gli obiettivi tipici della gestione finanziaria tenendo in considerazione aspetti di natura ambientale, sociale e di governance.

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Il tuo business, la nostra piattaforma digitale integrata

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IDD Compliant: To Protect and Serve

What-If Analysis, computer, investments

The IDD directive regulates the distribution of both life and damage insurance products, for which the regulation indicates a set of ad hoc rules, in line with MiFID II. We are glad to say that we made an effort to get our relevant products, for instance Sure and Advice, to be fully IDD compliant. Continue reading “IDD Compliant: To Protect and Serve”