A CIO’s Hunt for the Perfect Fintech Company

Old Explorers

Fintech still resonates with disruption in the Wealth Management sector today. One of the most troubling tasks for the CIO of a traditional company is to find the right Fintech company (or companies) to integrate with, to become competitive again in a market that is moving too fast.

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Goal-Based Investments In The Digital Era

The goal-based investment process delivers a coherent transparent, goal-driven and client centric advisory process that enables to digitally define goals, simulate investment scenarios, invest and periodically review investment strategy aligning goals with customer wealth.
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The integrated front-to-back digital investment solution

ILLUMAS 1.1 is the best in class solution designed to answer to the new challenges and increasing complexity currently facing the Private Wealth Management Industry. With the new version of Illumas we allow our customers to make substantial improvements in operation processes and efficiencies, while providing a certified and fast information flow throughout the key front, middle and back office functions enabling their Digital Transformation.

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Could your stand up to MiFID II requirements?

When providing investment advice, the investment firm shall, before the transaction is made, provide the client with a statement on suitability in a durable medium specifying the advice given and how that advice meets the preferences, objectives and other characteristics of the retail client” MiFID-II – Article 25


Gli effetti dell’uscita della Gran Bretagna dall’Eurozona sugli investimenti IT

A sei mesi compiuti dal referendum a favore dell’uscita del Regno Unito dall’Unione europea, c’è ancora incertezza su quando e come cambieranno i rapporti tra Europa e UK.

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Portfolio Optimization, With Quality

Michele Tanzi introduces Optimo

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