Breakfast in Johannesburg, Change in Wealth Management

Breakfast Briefing in Sandton, Johannesburg, with David Wilson

Breakfast Briefings are the house speciality for our South African branch, and last edition was no exception! The main theme was Adapting to a rapidly changing Wealth Management business to ensure tomorrow’s growth and our local Director, David Wilson, opened with the speech Global Trends in Wealth Advisory: Going beyond Robo: Digitalisation can meet the human needs but also needs the human factor.

Challenging, for a breakfast, huh? The point is, market is challenging today. To ignore the fact is pointless, business-wise.

Change is constant, digital is a crucial factor, and six major disrupting forces are at work: Regulations, Re-Wired Investors, New Competitive Patterns, Margins, Science vs Human, Analytics & Big Data.

Want to know more? We’re sharing here below the tweets of that morning. If you’re really curious about the directions of the market and the future of Wealth Management in the digital era, well, we’ll have other breakfasts. And other briefings, too.

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