A Breakfast Briefing, an Impressive Speech, and One More Question

Speech from Peter Schramme at Breakfast Briefing in London May 10th, 2017

Our recent London Breakfast Briefing, Wealth Management at the digital frontier, is still making waves!

The moment to shine for Objectway during the Briefing was the impressive speech given by Peter Schramme, our Chief Business Developer Officer: Leveraging a Digital Wealth Management platform to improve advisor-client relationship.

After the event we could ask some question to the special guest Nikolai Lysiuk (already featured in our Digitalization is (also a matter of scale, (dis)Advantages of Brexit for UK Wealth Management firms, Digitalization and data transparency (or lack of), and A (post-) Breakfast Briefing posts).

We had a chance to hear something more from Peter too. This was our question:

The Hybrid Customer Journey model can only succeed if every possible end client desire about connection and engagement is fulfilled by the platform. Wealth managers are just becoming to adopt this paradigm; when do you think it will become just mandatory for managers willing to stay in the business?

The video with Peter’s answer follows below. Enjoy!

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