Blockchain and Stock Exchanges: Bitcoin Is Coming Closer to Your Portfolio

Bitcoin Accepted Here

We just published our primer on Bitcoin and blockchain and, presto!, there’s something new to be told about the blockchain applications for finance: Bitcoin is entering an official stock exchange.

The Stockholm one, exactly: XBT Provider is listed on NASDAQ/OMX in the Swedish capital and issues Bitcoin Tracker One, Europe’s only exchange traded note (ETN) in Bitcoin as of today, that allows any financial operator to invest in Bitcoins by using Swedish Krone (SEK) or Euro, from anywhere in the world. Bitcoin Tracker One is fully legitimate, having got approval by the Swedish Finansispektionen, the public financial watchdog, and is worth 97.50 SEK while we’re writing.

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Born last May, Bitcoin Tracker One is quickly spreading through Europe. Our Italian readers may want to know that Binck Italia is the first (and only, as of now) bank that allows to trade Bitcoins online in Italy via Bitcoin Tracker One.

This is, we believe, just the beginning: the blockchain technology is poised to make a big impact in the financial world (and more than that). Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies will become part of the wealth management landscape. It’s up to us to come with good strategies to leverage this revolution.

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