Blips On the Radar, Voices From the Market

Blips on the Radar: Peter Schramme at the Affluent and Private Bank Summit 2018 in Paris

The Affluent and Private Banking Summit 2018 in Paris was a great chance for our Peter Schramme, Objectway Chief Business Development Officer, to deliver his speech: Voices from the Market… and what does it whisper?

Facts are, digital transformation and regulations are putting market actors under stress; things change rapidly and as small as quick startups try to take advantages over incumbents… that risk to face an innovation gap if too slow to respond to che challenge.

There are blips on the radar to be watched, so as proven facts that cannot be ignored or overlooked. Time for wealth management firms to embrace change, but which way? For those who couldn’t follow Peter in Paris, we collected the tweets related to his speech, here below. Have a look and take note: listening to the voices, as of today, is a sign of great sanity!

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