Automation for the Bank. And for the Advisor

Automation and Customization with Compliance: It's the New Optimo

Automation is not what brought us in record time to have a performing Robo Planning Demo Corner at OWIN18 in Rome.

However, automation is what we do bring to Wealth Management; mass automation, to be picky. We are happy to think that it can help lots of organizations to make personalized investment proposals, giving more opportunities to the advisors instead of disintermediating them.

The Race to Volumes and Compliance

You see, when a bank starts a campaign to acquire customers for its investment products, it tries to achieve the highest volume possible, provided that customizing a product person by person is hard. Having more customization can generate more value.

More, we live and work in the MiFID II era; banks must follow a myriad of legal constraints now and give to the customer a proposal strictly tailored on her risk profile, her ability to stand hypothetical financial losses, and many other elements.

Automation Goes From Units to Thousands, and More

Thanks to all the work we showed at OWIN18, through Robo Planning a firm can now automatically generate a proposal tailored on the risk profile and personal characteristics of the customer; moreover, such proposal is automatically MiFID II compliant.

This is a boon for every wealth management organization as of today; such a level of customization has been always done, usually in a manual or semi-automatic way. Being able to delegate software to solve the issue is glorious.

But the real point is that Robo Planning has the power to customize investment proposals for a mass of customers. Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of them. A wealth management company can, perhaps for the first time, work to optimize the ratio between customization and number of proposals instead to accept a compromise, even if a reasonable one.

And the Advisor…

Does this tool allow a wealth management firm to reorganize its advisors department? Robo Planning is completely neutral about the issue. Advisors remains free to further bring to perfection a customized investment proposal, and can do a better work with their customers.

In a world where profits are shrinking, volumes of transactions are increasing and compliance requests grew beyond any expectance, we worked for a chance to give better services to customers, generate more value for a wealth management firm, augment the opportunities for advisors to offer their clients the most personal of financial services. A win-win-win situation that makes us proud of the work done as of today.

Our development of Robo Planning is still ongoing, though. Stay tuned for more.

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