Artificial Intelligence 101

Intelligenza artificiale

The topic of an increasing role for digital technologies in the Wealth Management ecosystem will be central in the coming months, with the increasing level of debate about merits and defects of roboadvisory and the growth in the number of players that implement more or less automatic and intelligent solutions in their offering, at any level of client investment capacity.

Because of this, it is worth taking the time for a generic but important reading like the article (in Italian language) Artificial Intelligence: Market, Technologies, and Most Promising Applications for Businesses published by Iquii.

Artificial Intelligence Is Just the Beginning

Artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning are terms that will appear very often in the upcoming chronicles from the Wealth Management world. And even in product announcements. Better get prepared, as the article shows:

Over the next two to four years, we will have solutions that will push the value of customer experience even higher. AI-driven technologies will be the next major enabler and the ability to anticipate trends will be the real competitive advantage of companies.

We won’t stop here talking of artificial intelligence, because it is really necessary to begin to get aware of the phenomenon and its implications. We will publish much other invaluable stuff on this topic.

[We wrote this article in Italian language also.]

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