Aite Agreement: Collaboration Is Everything – Insight Is Important

Our recently announced agreement with Aite Group is good news. We are well aware of the commitment required to keep pace with the market’s major trends and transformations, and the first step is, of course, to understand what’s going to happen, maybe before the mass majority does, in order to convert knowledge into products and support.

Aite Group will be extremely helpful in improving the early understanding of future market trends and transformations, and in adding value to our solutions in terms of customer satisfaction and the careful spotting of the most profitable market opportunities.

By knowledge and analysis

We’ll have access to Aite Group’s impressive library of research and reports about wealth management and will be able to take advantage of their market analysis resources. Aite Group’s timely advice will furthermore help our time to market and our decision-making.

Objectway will continue to carefully craft our strategies, but we will do it faster and by reasoning around better data. This will translate into more effectiveness in the market globally, good design and development choices for new products, and in an improvement of the results coming from our existing line.

Collaboration is everything when it comes to wealth management. Insight into the best strategies and products is quintessential too, and Aite Group will be instrumental for us to get both.


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